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Food from 3-day Bangkok trip

Posted in Food and Drink, Travel on February 14, 2008 by yongtzetan

Wandering around in
the food market in Bangkok is an experience that you won’t forget.
Hoping to eat the most authentic Thai food that Thai people eat daily,
I mostly ate at street food stalls.

They are absolutely
tasty, and cheap. Most street stalls don’t have refrigeration, so they
have to re-stock everyday – meaning you are eating possibly the
freshest vegetables and meat.

One of my favourite is their crispy skin pork – similar to the Chinese – but the skin is much more crispier and with less five-spice taste. I also enjoyed those charcoal-toasted bread and satay-alike meat skewers. The use of charcoal for grilling is still very common there – that gives the food the taste and smell that you can’t get from electric or gas grill.

Another observation: noodle dishes like pad thai or other stir-fry noodles are generally not strongly seasoned. Instead, you can add and adjust the final taste yourself by adding sugar, dry chilli flakes, fish sauce and some sour sauce with some pickled chillies in it.