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Posted in French cuisine on December 6, 2007 by yongtzetan

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brioche, originally uploaded by yongtze.

I have been baking too much Ciabatta bread and started to feel sick of eating the same bread. I went to C’est Bon for my birthday last week. They were serving the chicken liver mousse with toasted brioche and it was delicious! The brioche was very rich with buttery flavour and slightly sweet. So I decided to try making it.

There are a lots of recipes online. According to some, it is better to let the dough to proof and rise in a cool temperature like in the fridge overnight because of large amount of butter used, so that you get a smooth, workable dough, with little pockets of butter all throughout.

However, I wasn’t patient enough to wait for 1 or 2 days so I followed the recipe that let the dough rise in normal room temperature so the whole process from start to finish baking takes only 3 hours (3 hours is considered short when it comes to baking). The result is surprising good – flaky crust outside and beautifully soft inside. However, you do have to work quite quickly incorporating butter into the dough so the dough remains cool and workable.

And I made my Brioche into a loaf shape instead of the more classically recognized form of brioche à tête  so I only slice what I want and keep the rest in the freezer because brioche freezes very well.

Recipe can be found here.